Ticket To Finale Week: Lopamudra Complains About Manu And Manveer, ‘Do Not Push Me’

As the Solar system task picks up its pace, there is a clear stress seen on everyone’s face. Tonight’s episode will also feature a situation wherein the astronauts are fighting hard to win the task holding their water bowls.

However Manveer and Manu get irked by Lopamudra because she walks slow and this creates a problem for the people walking behind her during the task.

Manu and Manveer constantly tell Lopamudra to walk faster but Lopa says she will go at her own speed. Lopa also tells them not to touch or push her as that is going against the task rules.

It gets more challenging for Lopamudra to balance holding the bowl as her shoe lace loosens up. She is even seen toppling at one point.

Will she be out of the game this way?

To know the story after this, do watch Bigg Boss 10 at 10:30 PM!



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